Thursday, March 25, 2010


I started this Blog the day before my son Bobby (sorry, Robert), and his wife Rita moved here (in July of '09), and bad-grandma haven't written on it ...since!!If it hadn't been for my pal Lisa P, I would have TRULY forgotten about it, and...How funny from a gal named Lady Chat! Now that my new little man is is here (Cameron Lee Ragsdill, born 6 weeks early on October 13th, 2009), one would THINK I'd be on here daily chatting up a storm, and showing the few things I've made since then, too! (FaceBook has taken over my life, BUT I must come back here, where my real artist roots are, and thanks to form finding them!) I've even MADE UP my own Brag Book for a Gourmet Luncheon Group I'm in, with step-by-step pictures and Everything!...(Coming Soon..too!)

Thanks for stopping by, and look forward to showing some artwork..(and chatting a little too!)
Melissa Lee Ragsdill
(PWA's very own Lady Chat)

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