Thursday, March 25, 2010


I started this Blog the day before my son Bobby (sorry, Robert), and his wife Rita moved here (in July of '09), and bad-grandma haven't written on it ...since!!If it hadn't been for my pal Lisa P, I would have TRULY forgotten about it, and...How funny from a gal named Lady Chat! Now that my new little man is is here (Cameron Lee Ragsdill, born 6 weeks early on October 13th, 2009), one would THINK I'd be on here daily chatting up a storm, and showing the few things I've made since then, too! (FaceBook has taken over my life, BUT I must come back here, where my real artist roots are, and thanks to form finding them!) I've even MADE UP my own Brag Book for a Gourmet Luncheon Group I'm in, with step-by-step pictures and Everything!...(Coming Soon..too!)

Thanks for stopping by, and look forward to showing some artwork..(and chatting a little too!)
Melissa Lee Ragsdill
(PWA's very own Lady Chat)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mad Monday!

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World here, and Welcome to Lady Chat's blog! After a short time you'll see why and how my world's gone mad and also why they call me Lady Chat! My pal Lisa P, (as she'll forever be known), got me here, so I'll certainly chat about her in the future, (once I can remember her blog!), and others crafty pals I have like our hometown craftgroup gals AND the FAB site of my fave crafters at
(and Lisa. P..Once I DO remember, then Don't forget that blog-candy!)

There will be pictures and stories, ( the journals are my FAVE part of scrap booking), once I get this blog going, so please visit when you can as I'll try to remember to come her daily, too.

Thanks for dropping by for a mad chat!